A turn away from top spindles to a pair of handles for loppers

by Sherman Anderson on October 3, 2013

Six months ago a wood turning project came to my shop and I selected the hickory from last year’s spring pole of the Foot Lathe. The project finally started this week to make hickory handles for an antique set of shrub and branch loppers. The old handles were made with ash wood and might possibly be the original handles. One handle broke off at the metal cone or sheath. The lopper assembly consists of of two steel pieces with metal tangs that insert into hollowed out holes in the handles and secured to the handles with a cross pin resembling a nail peened outside the metal sheaths. This is a methodical challenge as I would like to do it rght the first time rather than make a prototype and from prototype make the final pieces. I will shoot photos today and get them tagged to this site.

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