About Sherman

It takes less than five minutes of visiting with Sherman Anderson to realize how important education, teaching and learning are to him. They remember the tops and focus on them.

Sherman Anderson

 While he’s helping them set up, he explains how all the wood for the tops comes from his tree service business.  “I’ve learned so much more about wood than I ever dreamed I’d know,” Sherman reflected. “I’ve become a student of wood.”

 As the family winds, throws and challenges each other to spin tops, Sherman loads his hands with 4 tops. He gets everyone’s attention and with a double handed swing throws all four.  Three of them stay upright and spin in a line.   “Look,” said Sherman. “It’s a syzygy. If you don’t know the word, look it up. It’s the highest point Y word in Scrabble. It’s like when the moon and sun and Earth line up and there’s an eclipse.”

 Sherman started making the toy tops in 2000. AS OF SUMMER 2016 the total has vaulted to 9,800 tops and still making them.

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