At last, a new Jet lathe model 1221-VS is on its stand, a new three-drawer two-shelf tool cart by Northern Tool.

by Sherman Anderson on February 5, 2014

The foot lathe craft shop has a new piece of equipment, for last month I sold the blue FISCH lathe to a friend who needed it to make toys for kids. Within two weeks I bought its replacement at BALLEW saw & TOOL in Springfield, MO and a new mobile stand from Northern Tool. The stand was assembled at home then fitted with a 3/4″ plywood base board with corner blocks glued and screwed to corners inside the top shelf. The base board is clamped securely to the cart shelf using two 4″ C-clamps.

Once the stand was in position I pried and blocked the stand one inch higher to reach and loosen the caster mounting nuts. The caster bolts slide right out of the keyholes and can be stowed away for future use. Blocks were removed to set the cart firmly on the floor board. As I assembled the cart I substituted four eye bolts for assembly screws in the bottom leg holes. This provision was done so that hex lag screws with washers could fasten the cart firmly onto the floor board.
For more base weight I slid two 3″ concrete pavers, 18″ x 18″ at about 40 pounds apiece into the bottom shelf. Just for fun I counted how many times I have installed a wood lathe since 2000…this makes the eleventh installation. The greater the challenge becomes the more fun it becomes.

To students who read this blog I encourage you to do your very best study of math and science. You will use what you learn and life will reward you with achievements you might never dream of. You might even get to work on the recovery project of the Costa Concordia cruise vessel! I surfed the web for this project this morning and found excellent pictures and stories. AWESOME work and teamwork.

I will be open for business March. 7-9 during Bluegrass Festival Weekend. folk School Week is March 17-21. Ozark Folk Center season opens April 2 and I am excited to spins tops again.

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