I wrote five weeks ago about how time flies.

by Sherman Anderson on January 2, 2015

It still flies while you’re having fun. DECEMBER involved tree service work, volunteer service at Calico Rock Museum and SalvationArmy red kettle, some more leaf gathering and cleanup and last but not least the reorganization of two workshops. The art of shoehorning a lot of stuff into tight storage places is a skill I appreciate having and my knowledge keeps growing. It takes imagination and common sense to see what possibilities exist. In the last week the front end of the wood turning shop has improved and is ready to hold wood turning classes which I’d like to do one on one or for two pupils.
I have a supply of Easy Wood Tools, Chucks and Bowl Jaws waiting for you to chose to buy.
Top sales have slowed a great deal the last three months. They are being offered at two stores in Mountain View and the visitor Center Museum of Calico Rock. Once I learn the magic of WordPress I want to post them on this website. If you come to Mountain Views and would like to see demonstrations of wood turning let me know and come by the shop. Our land line is 870.269.2187 and cell is 870.615.0329. It works best to set an appointment so we don’t miss each other.

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Sherman anderson January 3, 2015 at 3:26 pm

An excellent book that you might find helpful is Cut the Clutter and Stow the Stuff, edited by Lori Baird and published in 2002 by Rodale Press. Their we site is http://www.rodale.com.
If you are challenged by a messy work area and many of us are, Lori’s book and a lined notepad might be a great help. List your tasks you see and goals you want to achieve but don’t number the priorities until you make the list. Then use the managemen technique Ivy Lee taught years ago to the CEO of Bethlehem Steel to list the tasks for the day and then assign numbers of priority and then teach your key people the same technique. Start with item #1 and stay with it until it is completed. Then move to the second, third and so on. I have used this technique so many times and it truly works.


Sherman anderson January 3, 2015 at 4:58 pm

Another author to read on organizing the home and shop is Sandra Felton. My wife just passed me The Messies Manual, one of five books by Felton. Published by Revell in 2005 this book should be a lot of help to get my act together. This is sort of an OCD along with time management, as I have read six books on managing time and still struggle with that task.


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