Many small steps in the right direction lead to progress.

by Sherman Anderson on January 15, 2015

Tuesday I minded the store for my buddy David Potts while he concentrated on advertising sales and service. Weather has kept me from tree service work in safer conditions and kept tourists off the sidewalks of Mountain View. So I took liberty to clean the store floors better than I have done previously. During the afternoon David created a banner ad for the spinning tops on the Tourist Guide web page listing shopping locations…a good step in the right direction.

Shift gears to Wednesay for a volunteer day at the Calico Rock Visitor Center and Museum to work again with a young lady enrolled as a client in the TEA program. Her first task of the day was to prepare commission checks for mailing to the 28 artists in the Cooperative. Then I taught her how to rearrange a small storeroom adjacent to the Art Gallery which also serves as a meeting room for banquets, receptions, classes, field trips and other similar functions. I wrote a longer blog on my Facebook page if you are curious. Another good step in the right direction to make work easier for all the folks who so kindly donate time and efforts to the visitor center museum.

A bit of progress for vacuum sweeper repair happened that might be the answer I sought to fix a 1996 Fantom Twister 700LX Bagless sweeper. I have Joined four web forums on the Internet for repairing vacuum cleaners and finding part sources and schematic diagrams. My plea for knowledge and repair advice resulted in two responses, the second of which might hit the target in the bullseye. I’ll know more Thursday afternoon. Thanks to Rob Walton in Ontario, Canada. Another step in the right direction.

I wish you a good day and ask to sell you a spinning top when you need a custom made gift that is small and a very reasonable price.

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