My how time flies…

by Sherman Anderson on November 30, 2014

That saying has a second part…”when you’re having fun”. My previous blog done October 30 was about the one day special event in Mountain Home. I took my spinning tops and Easy Wood Tools. Our Club members didn’t let the cold wind keep them home but the audience was not as many as we could have had if weather had been good. The afternoon warmed up to make the environment outstanding. My sales for tools were good but only one top sold.
Work activity in November changed from October as my pulled hip muscle done Sept. 25-28 by moving out of the Folk Center got back into normal abilities. October became a gradual process of installing upper shelf boards for needed storage capacity in the work shops and then putting things where they would fit. Due to many changes I made a file in my iPad Notes called “Where At – workshops”. So many changes were made to improve storage that I cannot find things where they used to be and I can’t find where they are now. It is funny most of the time.

In November we did several tree service jobs, started the annual gathering of leaves and I volunteered helping at a local business and at the Calico Rock Museum where I sell tops in the Artist Cooperative. Many friends know me as a “numbers guy” just like my father was…it rubbed off. My college minor of 20 quarter hours in Accounting followed my many experiences in business accounting make my psyche good enough to be effective yet a bit dangerous. So the leaf work project has 46 hours earned this month. By mid-January it will likely total 65 hours for our 33 hardwood trees.
I’ll catch you later. Be safe out there!

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