Wood turning has a magical effect on wood

by Sherman Anderson on September 19, 2013

Like magic before your every eyes a piece of wood can become a work of art, a useful implement, a spinning toy, a part for a wooden assembly, a spindle for furniture, a dowel for a rack or suspension. The list is almost endless. Yesterday two visitors happened by my craft shop at the Ozark Folk Center to see what the State Park is about. One of these ladies offered to work with me on the lathe to finish turning, drill the tip holes, sand it, polish it and watch this chunk of Osage-Orange become a unique Wizard style spinning top. I feel sure they’ll be back to visit our park again and might bring their youngsters.
Earlier in the day two couples came to the shop and learned to spin tops, buying a set of five Tornado tops for just $40.00 and tax. Of the two men Brian and Murray, we ribbed Murray for his resemblance to the comedian Bob Newhart. Murray claimed Bob to be his uncle!

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